Life Update: Hiatus? Secret Bookish Project? Let’s Chat!


Hello again honeybees! I rarely do small check in posts, but this might be the new norm here because I feel like my personality hasn’t been standing out in my posts lately. Speaking of the new normal:

A lot of us feel helpless in combating racism in our life, and especially in America where the Black Lives Matter movement is (rightfully) making waves. Here’s a link to petitions, places to donate, education tools, and more that I highly encourage you to look at and share with friends. Signing petitions is free and very quick, so please consider taking a second to sign a few before you continue reading (or feel free to just sign petitions all day and not read this, that’s cool with me).

To be perfectly clear, I support Black Lives Matter and as imperfect of an ally/accomplice as I am, I will continue educating myself…

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